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You can choose the colours.
Tell us what colours you are interested in? Pastels? Earth Colours? Clear? Or any others.

Together, by effective communication, we will create a project from Your selection of colours chosen by you. 

The selection of 5 colours is the most Aesthetically and Visually pleasing.

You can choose the size.
Tell us the measures of your dream project. If large, grand and Opulent we will check with post the maximum size available for shipment.


You can provide us with your own design/pattern.

You can provide us with your own design/pattern. If you have a readily stained glass pattern we can start the process ‘’straight away’’. If you have an image/photo that you would project on a stained glass project we will design it and integrate it in a way to fit perfectly to stained glass closed line shapes. You can talk to us in order to create the design pattern you wish.

How long does the project needs for completion?

Handcrafting mosaic lamps is a long and hard process that is time-consuming for the project to be accomplished. Achieving a really satisfying result comes only if we treat each project as if it’s created for our own home.

This takes a few weeks. We are happy to stay in touch with you during the whole process (from design to completion of your project). And will update you with photos of how your project is developing.

Why stained glass projects are so expensive.

At La’Sota Designer Lamps, we only use the highest quality of glass & materials. All Carefully detailed. The Stained Glass is imported from United States & Germany. Some of the stained glass is hand-blown and captures micro pieces of real gold (i.e reds, pinks) . We individually package each project so it can be delivered safely. Along with the project, we write & attach beautiful inspirational quotes.

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